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My name is Caleb, and I am passionate about people.

Telling the unique story of people all around the world, is what drives my passion for

Wedding Videography.

My approach is unique

Rather than being merely another vendor, I strive to connect with each couple as if I was just another addition to the wedding party that happens to have a camera. This means I will cry with you, especially first look with dad, I will cheer when you are introduced for the first time, I will dance the night away at your reception, I suck at dancing but YOLO, and hell I might even take a shot with you all while capturing these special moments. I believe this approach gives your film an authentic touch; shot from the perspective of someone who’s genuinely a part of your big day, not

just in attendance.

Your film is handcrafted & uniquely created to highlight your personalities and love story

 This day is just a moment, but your story is something that deserves to be captured forever.

Let's do this.




Let's do this!

Can't wait to chat!

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